Session 29: Evaluating the additionality of multilateral development banks (MDB): stocktaking of different approaches and methodological challenges

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
10 September 2020 (GMT +8)

Additionality, the condition that MDB interventions have a positive impact on development, while not crowding out other market participants, by supplying inputs – financial and non-financial – which cannot be provided better from other sources, has recently gained increased attention, both from MDB shareholders and evaluators. Participants will learn about the  similarities, differences, gaps and potential synergies in MDBs’ mandates, operational approaches and evaluation approaches to additionality. The panel interventions will focus on challenges in evaluating additionality in their respective institutions.


Andrew Kilpatrick, Independent consultant; London
Sabine Bernabè, Head of Evaluation, European Investment Bank
José Carbajo, Director, Financial, Private Sector, and Sustainable Development Department, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Group
Joe Eichenberger, Chief Evaluator, European  Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Sabine Bernabè, Head of Evaluation, European Investment Bank
SUBTHEME: Evaluating private sector interventions for development

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