One week to go till 2022 AEW!

Tuesday, September 6, 2022
One week to go till 2022 AEW

Only one week left until the staging of this year’s Asian Evaluation Week (AEW), the leading evaluation knowledge sharing platform in the Asia and Pacific region. The event, which will run from 13-15 September, will feature around seventy speakers who are all experts in their respective fields. Around 438 participants from 77 countries representing 254 organizations have registered for the event.

In the last six years, the AEW has established itself as a highly relevant forum for promoting knowledge and partnerships to advance evaluation and development effectiveness at the national, regional, and international levels.

This year’s theme is Reframing Evaluation for Green, Inclusive, and Resilient Recovery. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and with many countries still keeping a cautious outlook in economic development, the 2022 AEW theme sets the tone for forging ahead in a post pandemic world.

Sessions for the 2022 AEW are organized around the following subthemes:

  • Subtheme 1: Innovating and Retooling Evaluation Towards Resilient Recovery
  • Subtheme 2: Driving Collective Actions on Country-based Evaluation
  • Subtheme 3: Influential Evidence-based Evaluation for Green, Healthy, and Inclusive Societies

Registration for the event and the individual sessions are still ongoing. Check out the list of sessions in our Agenda page and sign up now for the sessions that interest you.

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