19 August 2022

Register now for the 2022 Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) happening this 13-15 September! AEW is the leading evaluation knowledge sharing event in Asia-Pacific that brings together governments, international organizations, and evaluation experts to exchange...

11 August 2022

Missed last year's Asian Evaluation Week? Find out what transpired by watching the 2021 AEW Highlights video. Meanwhile, reserve your slot at this year's event by registering...

02 September 2020

The nascence of most successful events happens over a simple conversation, and the words "Wouldn't be great if...?" So it was with the Asian Evaluation Week. The conversation happened in 2015 during a break time coffee at a conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Li Kouqing, president of the Asia-...

02 September 2019

KUNMING, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA (2 September 2019) — Quality evaluation of development initiatives and the learning of evaluation lessons are critical to the achievement of Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), experts at the Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) agreed today.

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