Asian Evaluation Week: A Retrospective

Celebrating Five Years of Learning, Sharing and Connection

A must-attend event that began with a conversation

The nascence of most successful events happens over a simple conversation, and the words "Wouldn't be great if...?" So it was with the Asian Evaluation Week. 

The conversation happened in 2015 during a break time coffee at a conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Li Kouqing, president of the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI) and Farzana Ahmed, then Lead Evaluation Specialist in the Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Independent Evaluation Department (IED) were talking about their shared interests in evaluation in the Asia context. Li Kouqing proposed, and they both agreed, how great it would be to have an evaluation event where, as well as the evaluators, the people involved in public policy at national level could also be heard.  With the full support of the then Director General of IED, Vinod Thomas, this shared IED/AFDI vision of enhancing the culture of evaluation in the region came to life.

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