About the 2020 Asian Evaluation Week

The theme for the 2020 AEW is “Evaluating for a Better Future”. This theme recognizes the impact of evaluation on elements that contribute to building a better future. Sessions for the 2020 AEW will be organized around the following identified subthemes:

  • role of evaluation in public financial management;
  • role of evaluation in providing strategic direction;
  • evaluating private sector interventions for development; and
  • evaluating to support innovation.

The 2020 AEW will be held virtually from 7–11 September 2020 given the global public health crisis.



The Asian Evaluation Week (AEW) is a leading evaluation knowledge sharing platform in the Asia and Pacific region, jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, PRC through the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute (AFDI) and the Asian Development Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department (IED). Since 2016, government officials, representatives of international organizations, and evaluation experts have gathered annually at the AEW to exchange knowledge and the latest thinking in evaluation.

Now in its fifth year, AEW has established itself as a highly relevant forum for promoting knowledge and partnerships to advance evaluation and development effectiveness at the national, regional, and international levels.



  • To provide a venue for knowledge sharing on cutting-edge ideas on evaluation within Asia, and between Asia and other regions, such as Africa and Latin America.
  • To enable countries to share experiences on their evaluation approaches and gain knowledge on how to strengthen and use evaluation in their country context.
  • To allow experts and development partners to showcase progress in their evaluation works and recent practices on evaluation.
  • To increase awareness on the use and role of evaluation in development effectiveness.

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